Office mansion

99 boulevard Malesherbes, Paris 8ème
The first task in this project was clarifying the building’s uses so as to develop a consistent plan. The office spaces were grouped together to create a townhouse, with offices divided among three levels. On the other floors, reaching up to the roof, are 12 apartment homes, ranging from studio to five-bedroom apartments. The identity of the project is asserted by the architectural experience to be experienced while walking through 99 Malesherbes. The transformations and evolutions of society are bring to a questioning of working methods. New forms are emerging and tend to develop: startupers, freelancers, digital nomad, slasher, coworker, etc. Worker profiles are diversifying and aspire to greater mobility and flexibility. Today,the trend is to adaptability, collaboration and digital.

The office mansion aspires to offer users a plurality of spaces adapted to each need and temporality. It is about finding a balance between open and closed spaces, offering multipurpose spaces that adapt to the needs of the different profiles of workers who
are required to live together on a daily basis. The project thus offers open spaces,
promoting teamwork and collaboration, but also more intimate spaces for tasks that require calm, concentration and confidentiality.

The spaces are organised into different areas on three levels: shared living room, relaxation area, sports room, kitchen, open-plan offices, terrace for outdoor work…
The functions and uses of the place are diversified. This property offers all the flexibility necessary to adapt to the characteristics of the specifications of the future buyer.