Paris 16ème

Located in one of the capital’s loveliest neighbourhoods, with many prestigious brands nearby, this address is the embodiment of pure, elegant lines. The combination of quality materials, including wood, marble, glass, and wrought iron, reflects traditional French craftsmanship.

Art Qad

«  We wanted to turn the building’s family apartments into pieds-à-terre for highend international clients accustomed to staying in the finest hotels.

We took the customary trappings of hotels and fitted them into a residential building, and in doing so created a prestigious location and a new way of looking at living spaces. Along the way, floor space that was once deemed excessive (averaging 320 sqm) suddenly became a boon.

But the real challenge was in starting from scratch when designing each apartment. We put a great deal of thought and effort into allowing for all the different ways a space might be used by someone who spends time living in many different countries, from China to America to India. We were able to find the traits each design had in common and use those in our interior design. »

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